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GFORCE provides you with a one stop, complete audio book CD production package, custom designed for you. We take your typed manuscript and produce it onto an audio CD. Each chapter/poem is on a separate track just like music CD. We offer complete service from your choice of narrator, recording and production of a master copy CD, digital graphic art cover designs and custom duplication quantities.

Open to all genres (excluding sexually explicit materials), as well as storytellers.  We provide services to all writers regardless of location by secure encripted zip files.

If you have ever considered self-publication or reproduction, whether you are a published or not yet published author, GFORCE can make your dream of an audio book happen!

We include manuscript to finished audio book CD, cover graphics and duplication, professional 24 track digital audio recording, professional producer/director, professional narrators, cover graphic art designs produced on site, original music introduction/lead outs of each chapter and affordable rates based on manuscript size and narrator.

GFORCE provides complete direction, recording, editing, and mastering of your professional audio book CD.

We take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best – WRITING!

Arrange a meeting with to discuss project goals and costs by contacting us by
email. Decide on a professional narrator(s) through audition samples. Choose to have us design you CD cover, insert, back sleeve and label. Decide on original music for chapter introductions and lead-outs. Choose your desired number of copies. All that’s left for you or your agent is to market your finished project.


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