George Raymond has been in the recording and radio business for over 35 YEARS and has remastered just about every song played on all the radio stations he has worked at including CFOX in Vancouver where he was Production Manager for over 10 years. George has also been Music Director at many stations including HOT103, CFRW and NCI FM in Winnipeg.

He recently drew the attention of Canadian Idol's Zack Werner who hired George to master the debut CD for his band Haymaker released through EMI/On Ramp Records.

While in Los Angeles he directed jingle sessions with Johnny Mann as well directing sessions at Jam Productions in Dallas.

George has also produced many fine record albums and had an MCA recording contract with his band The Incinerators.  He also produced the band Vienna which garnered a contract with MCA in New York.

George has also worked with such acts as Nickelback, Colin James, Chad Allen, The Northern Pikes, Alan Frew, Sass Jordan and Jeff Healey.

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